Hiring a professional escort is no longer for men anymore in this day and age. Women are looking for hot and young male to show off on their arms as well.

Professional women, who prioritize their careers, have little to no time for a relationship, but that does not mean they have no desire for intimacy. For them where time is money, hiring a male escort is the most practical thing to do. Most of these women have no time to hang out at bars and drink cocktails while watching the clock tick by in the hopes of finding a decent one night stand. It is more practical for them to just hire a stud instead.

Professional women hire male escorts for fun

There are numerous websites online that features hot male escorts with chiselled bodies and a look to match, who caters exclusively to women. For most women, this is not an easy thing to do because people are still adjusting to the concept of women hiring men for no-strings attached kind of fun and sex. However thanks to shows like Showtime’s Gigolos and HBO’s hung, it brought the male escorting industry from the dark corners of the internet to conventional. These shows have brought the conversation from bachelorette parties to the dinner table. One of the oldest professions is paying for sex and up until now it has been dominated by men. These days, women are making their way up the equality ladder one step at a time, and that includes the bedroom.

Below are the reasons why professional career-oriented women opt for male escorts to have a bit of fun and a little serving of sex on the side.

Reasons why you should hire a male escort

Unlike some hot dates who tend to be selfish lovers, a male escort always assures that a woman is guaranteed satisfaction, after all their job is to please.

There’s no need to fake orgasm because they always make sure a woman comes.

For these women, dating is tiresome and having a new relationship to establish consumes their time. They’d rather hire an escort so that they can focus more on their up and coming career than a man.

One-night stands from a man you met on a bar are not as much fun.

They simply want to have sex for the sake of it without any strings attached. It is a fact that men can be as clingy as women; they want to cuddle after sex, kiss a lot and promise dates these women do not want.

Hiring a male is escort is safer than having sex on a stranger you met on a bar. These male escorts have been tested and pre-screened.

Paying for more than just sex

Women do not just pay to have sex with male escorts; they are also paying for companionship which can lead to something more intimate. At the end of the day, men and women are not that different. Sex is not something you crave, it’s what we need. And nowadays, women are no longer shy about making the first move as well as be pleasured just as much as any man do.