There are some things that happen in life that leave you breathless. If you have an idea about certain things, you can save your life a big deal, not to mention, getting laid. At times you have to learn things the hard way, but not anymore in the escort industry because this information will keep you on track. As you look forward to having a good time with your high-class escort, observe the following points that have put together.


Escorts are human beings like you and treating any like a whore is something you should not try. In most cases, men who see escorts are daily guys, company CEOs etc. Respect them and they will respect you back. In addition, just because they see men for a living, it doesn’t mean you own them. Don’t cross the boundary.

Don’t Cross the Line

Before you emailed or called the escort, you had scrutinized her profile right? So don’t offer money so as to do things she hadn’t stated on her profile. On several occasions, some escorts (not all) provide extras during the session (which you will pay). Above all, remember a boundary is a boundary. If the escort had stated that protection is a must, don’t pay $30 for her to do bareback.

On Hygiene

You have to be clean no matter what. Even myself I will not want a dirty and smelly individual. Either way, if you are asked to freshen up, don’t take it as an insult. It’s good to make each other comfortable.

Be a Gentleman

The biggest favor you can do to yourself is to be a man. Be who you are and stop behaving in a funny way. In other words, behavior is the biggest factor that will enable everything to go smooth or turn sour. Although it’s about you but, you don’t have to behave like a whore- don’t be violent and such.

Don’t Ask for a Refund

Once a deal is agreed that’s it. Just because you released fast does not legalize you to ask for a refund. Be sure if you are going to ask for a refund, you will not get it back no matter what? If you believe you need a refund, ask before you can do anything. But, still, why ask for a refund yet, the moment you emailed/called the escort, you were okay with the stated rates?


This is where many try to apply their tricks. For instance, don’t ask for a bareback service because she will say no. And worst of all that will be the end of everything. Also, don’t try to slide to open the condom. Don’t try to slide the condom to come off in the middle of the session. Many escorts are aware of this trick and therefore, you risk getting blocked.

These are few of the many tricks you need to observe while enjoying your time with a high-class escort. If you are an amateur do some research to avoid frustrations. Good luck!